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The Historic Environment
The Royal Palaces
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Windsor Castle
People Friendly Design is working with the Royal Collection Trust to improve access for all visitors to the Royal Palaces open to the public – Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Clarence House, Frogmore House and Holyrood Palace. This began with an audit of the visitor experience, including a review of the ticketing and information systems and an audit of the built environment. The practice continues to offer advice on the Palaces, including recent improvements to St George’s Chapel and the design of a Mew’s Café at Holyrood Palace.
Mew’s Café
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The Mews Café, Holyrood Palace
People Friendly Design advised the Royal Collection’s design team on how to integrate the needs of disabled people within their new Mew’s café which is formed within a stable block in the grounds of Holyrood Palace.
Usher Hall
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The Usher Hall
People Friendly Design is currently advising on phase 2 of the redevelopment of the Usher Hall with LDN Architects. The practice previously worked on the Conservation Plan for the Hall, to ensure the needs of disabled people were given due consideration with the other demands on the Hall.
Other project experience within the practice includes the following:

  • Lincoln’s Inn – an Access Audit of the public realm and common areas within the Inn to assist the organisation in establishing an access improvement plan
  • Epping Forest Access Plan – working with Touchstone Heritage Management Consultants to produce the Epping Forest Access Plan. This Plan considers how access to the historic landscape and structures within the Forest can be improved for everyone’s benefit while retaining the unique character of the environment.
  • Urqhuart Castle & Visitor Centre – an Access Audit of the Urquahart Castle site to assist Historic Scotland to strike a balance between improving access to the historically significant site and respecting the fabric and setting. Advising LDN architects’ on the design of the visitor centre and the audio visual display within the centre.
  • The Queens Gallery – working with Benjamin Tindall Architects to integrate the needs of disabled people into the design of a gallery to house the Queen’s works of art at Holyrood Palace.
  • Signet Library - advising on a feasibility study to install a passenger lift within the Signet Library.

  • The Hub – working with Benjamin Tindall Architects to assist with integrating the needs of disabled people within The Hub - a venue, café and the offices of the Edinburgh Festival Society.
  • The Assembly Rooms – an Access Audit of The Assembly Rooms forming part of the baseline study for LDN Architects Conservation Plan for the building. This ensured that disabled people’s needs were given due consideration within the Plan.
  • The Lighthouse – The Lighthouse is a centre for architecture and design, and the flagship of Glasgow City of Architecture 1999. Assisting Page & Park Architects on the redevelopment of the derelict Rennie Mackintosh building to create a centre which is accessible to all. A key feature of the design is the new pod building which houses the vertical circulation and toilets which were both key deficiencies within the historic building.